Frederic Remington Statues
Frederic Remington statues are well-known throughout the world. Born in 1861, Remington was an accomplished artist in painting, illustration and sculpting.
Our re-casts of Remington's famous sculptures including his first, Bronco Buster, are detailed in every way. Handmade using the lost wax process of bronze casting, these statues will bring joy for years to come.
A few of our Remington's are featured here. For our full collection of Remington and Western Bronze, visit our gallery under Western Art.
Featured Remington Bronze
Bronco Buster by Remington Cheyenne by Remington Outlaw by Remington Wicked Pony by Remington
Bronco Buster Cheyenne Outlaw Wicked Pony
Western Bronze Statues
In addition to Remington Bronze, our foundry casts many unique and beautiful Western Bronze statues including works by James Fraiser, C.M. Russel and our own Wally Shoop.
Handmade in America
All of Shoop's American Bronze Casting pieces are handmade in America using the lost wax process of bronze casting.

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